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This is your home for video instruction on the six components of the BrainSavers program that is crucial for a brain + body healthy lifestyle: mental and physical activity, socialization, brain-healthy nutritional practices, stress reduction and sleep habits. 

Brain + Body Sessions are complete episodes hosted by Angie Moore that include every aspect of the BrainSavers program.

Deep Dives provides vital tips and info on a brain and body healthy lifestyle to prevent AD from Dr Paul Bendheim, founder of BrainSavers.

Brain Workouts is hosted by Dr Gina Touch-Mercer.  Each episode enables you to enjoyably exercise your cognition.

Thinking & Moving is a series of exercises hosted by Angie Moore to work your brain and body at the same time.

If you are new to Synapse, watch the introductory video first.


Video Examples



Learn from Dr. Paul Bendheim and his team what our courses will do for your participants and how we promote a healthy brain state.


Instructor Angie Moore will lead you through a mind and body workout. For this session, You'll need athletic footwear, clear floor space, a sturdy chair and some light weights or cans of food.


Stress management can help you maintain a brain + body healthy lifestyle. Gina Mercer will give you some valuable insights on handling your stress.


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