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Delivering a Healthy Lifestyle

In Class, at Home or on Screen classes designed to support those organizations providing  housing, healthcare and community-based services for seniors.


Members of Arizona Leading Age get a 10% discount off BrainSavers Programs when they use the code AZLA

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We built the Full Health Plan

"BrainSavers is evidence based, and focus on the brain and body to help create a lifestyle for seniors that can stave off Alzheimer's and dementia."


National Alzheimer's Association

“If you make brain-healthy lifestyle changes and take action by getting involved, we could realize a future without Alzheimer’s disease."


Kenneth S. Kosik MD

 Harriman Prof of Neuroscience

Neuroscience Research Institute UC Santa Barbara

"With skill, clarity and grounding in research, Paul Bendheim has put together a highly practical program that explains how to achieve lifelong brain health." 


BrainSavers, Inc.

3034 East Glenrosa Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85016

(856) 254-2589‬

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