BrainSavers Synapse is the online version of our Brain + Body Total Fitness plan.   BrainSavers Synapse enriches participants’ lives and helps them transition to a brain-healthy lifestyle.

 The complete sessions encompass all six lifestyle components to prevent Alzheimer’s:

●        Physical Fitness

●        Cognitive Fitness

●        Stress Management

●        Healthful Nutrition

●        Quality Sleep

●        Social Engagement

Registered users can access complete sessions -- or join programs that focus on just one of the six components, depending on their needs and interests. 

Synapse programming can be seen live online or be accessed anytime, anywhere with pre-recorded content, or some combination, depending on the needs of our clients and users.  Synapse is currently in use at Lutheran Home, Oasis Everywhere, and soon with Wellzesta.

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