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Curriculum and Content

BrainSavers is a certified instructor-led program, which is conducted in a fun and convenient format. The program enriches participants’ lives and helps them transition to a brain-healthy lifestyle; The program encompasses all six lifestyle components to prevent Alzheimer’s:

●  Physical Fitness

●  Cognitive Fitness

●  Stress Management

●  Healthful Nutrition

●  Quality Sleep

●  Social Engagement

The company has two full years of unique content designed for instructors certified in the program.  The company has used this content as the basis for Synapse, its video streaming service, and audio content as well for MiiHealth.


We license our content

Whether you are a care community, a healthcare system, or a technology company looking to deliver compelling content, activities and assessment to your audience, we can help.  Reach out to our team to learn more on solutions to fit your needs.

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